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General Immigration

When you enter the USA, or want to live in the USA, you have to ensure you are deemed legal or face deportation charges. There are various forms of getting your legal status in the USA. Find out more about how you can obtain your green card or other valid alternative visas as a private individual.

Our team at Sethi Law provides clarity, hand holding and affordable legal fees to process your application.

Green Card

At Sethi Law Group we understand the importance of family unity. Fortunately, so does U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; therefore, immigration law allows for U.S. Citizens to petition for certain qualifying relatives and family members to obtain a green card. A green card can be marriage based, family based, or fiancé based.

Green Card
green card
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Deportation Defense

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services refers to deportation as the “formal removal of an alien from the United States when an alien  has been found removable for violating immigration laws.” Currently, there are many common defenses against deportation.

At Sethi Law Group, we understand that those individuals facing removal and deportation risk leaving behind family members, often times including young children and elderly parents alike, and they risk creating an emotional and psychological hardship for all of those involved.

deportion defence

Student Visas

Sometimes Foreign Nationals are wishing to enter the United States to attend an educational institution on a full-time basis. If that happens, the Foreign National will require a student visa and Sethi Law Group can help in obtaining one.

There are two nonimmigrant categories available to those Foreign Nationals wishing to study in the United States. Foreign National students may be eligible to obtain either an F-1 academic student visa, or an M-1 vocational student visa.

Student studying abroad
student visa
The victim and the perpetrator in United States

U-Visa / VAWA

U-Nonimmigrant visa, also known as a U-Visa, is set aside to allow victims of qualifying crimes and their immediate family members, a pathway to immigration status in the United States. In order to qualify for a U-Visa, the applicant must demonstrate that he or she meets the following criteria

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