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Business Immigration

Business Immigration – How to Get Legal Immigration Status for Businesses in the USA. 

If you are a business wanting legal immigration status in the USA, you will need a qualified immigration attorney who understands USA business immigration to guide you through the process. Immigration matters in the USA are a serious and important matter and following through with the required legal procedures are very important. We specialize in business immigration and understand the demands of businesses and the US federal legal requirements. Talk to us about your situation, there are variety of business visas available but we can advice you on the most appropriate action plan and investment required to get your legal status right.

We work with all types of businesses and can process employee visas and will advice based on current immigration requirements issued by order of the law. We will ensure your business is clear on what is required procedurally, fees, timelines, expectations at interviews with US Immigration and will prepare all documentations accordingly. Your legal status in the USA depends highly on the information you provide, we will advocate your case from start to finish.

Investor Visas

USCIS allows business oriented foreign nationals from treaty countries wishing to come to the United States with several viable options for their visas. If you are a national of a treaty country and you are planning on coming to the United States to participate in business trade, there are options for you.

If you would like to know more about investor visas, we can assist you in scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys

Application for Investor visa
green card
h1b visa employer


Do you have non US Citizens as employees?

Do you need them to work in the US?

If yes to both, we can ensure that their legal status in the USA is processed and done correctly. Avoid penalties and deportation.

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